Assoc. Prof. Dr. Law Teik Hua

Head, Road Safety Research Center, Universiti Putra Malaysia

Dr. Law Teik Hua currently holds the position of Associate Professor at the Road Safety Research Center (RSRC) within the Engineering Faculty at the University Putra Malaysia in Malaysia. He has been at the helm of RSRC since 2015. Dr. Law earned his PhD in Road Safety Engineering from Imperial College London, U.K., in 2009. His primary areas of expertise encompass Road Safety, Public Transport Analysis, and Traffic Simulation. Dr. Law is actively engaged with the media and has been interviewed on more than 220 occasions by both national and international press, TV, and radio outlets since 2017. He has been a prominent figure in road safety initiatives and has received sponsorship from various national and international agencies, including the World Health Organization, Handicap, the Ministry of Transport, and the Royal Malaysian Police. Furthermore, Dr. Law's contributions to the field of road safety and transportation are underscored by his impressive publication record, with 60 high-impact scientific publications to his name.