Vladimir Bataev

Managing Director, ZAZ Ventures, Netherlands

Vladimir is a managing partner at Zaz Ventures—the top EU deep tech innovation funding consultancy which has raised €1bn of funding for various innovative companies & consortia. My team has funded breakthrough companies like CorTec (DE), Maeve Aerospace (NL), Dronamics (BG), Aurora Propulsion Technologies (FI), Ekkono (SE), Nuventura (DE), Lili.AI (FR), Tilkal (FR), Nowi (NL), Antabio (FR), SusPhos (NL), Transmetrics (BG), Restore Medical (IL), DAC/AirEnergy (PL) and many others. As a consultant I have led 50+ SMEs to funding under Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator in ICT, IoT, AI, security, aviation, space,
transport, logistics, energy, wastewater treatment, robotics, additive manufacturing, biotechnology & other areas.