Dr. Non Arkaraprasertkul

Senior Expert in Smart City Promotion, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) and Smart City Office, Thailand

Dr. Non Arkara is an award-winning innovator, smart city expert, and global architect driven by a passion for creating more livable and sustainable urban environments. With a diverse background spanning architecture, urban design, anthropology, and public policy, Dr. Non brings a multidisciplinary perspective to addressing complex urban challenges. Currently serving as a Smart City Expert at Thailand's Digital Economy Promotion Agency, he has spearheaded numerous digital transformation and smart city initiatives nationally. This includes launching Thailand's first smart city program and delivering capacity building to 5000+ officials. Dr. Non's unique combination of design, research, and public sector experience enables him to develop human-centered solutions that leverage technology for better quality of life. He is a solutions-oriented visionary dedicated to shaping future cities.