Abdul Fattah Mohamed Yatim

ICT and Blockchain Consultant

Abdul Fattah Yatim is an accomplished engineer and ICT professional with 45 years of diversified experience. He is known for his expertise in Blockchain, Information Security Management, Privacy Information Management, Project Management and Strategic Planning. His professional journey is marked by notable achievements and leadership roles in the government and corporate sectors. Fattah was involved in standards development
in ISO/IEC in several ICT areas and Blockchain. He was a contributor in the development of Malaysia's National Blockchain Roadmap 2021-2025. He is a distinguished speaker, having delivered over 40 talks and presentations on Blockchain in various platforms including the World Halal Summit in Istanbul in 2019. Fattah is a member of several professional organisations including OIC-CERT, the Institution of Engineers Malaysia, the Government Blockchain Association USA, and the Association of Anti-Bribery
Management System Practitioners Malaysia.