Andrew Mui

Chief Commercial Officer Asia Pacific, Global Innovation Business, Hitachi, Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer Social Innovation Business, Hitachi Asia Ltd.

    Andrew Mui was Chief Executive Officer of Hitachi Critical Facilities Protection Pte Ltd from 2011 to 2015, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd that focuses on Risk Mitigation Measures for its many clients. Mr Mui was trained in the United States in the specialized field of Lightning Protection Engineering and has since been involved in numerous risk mitigation projects for over 19 years, covering multi-billion dollars’ worth of assets in Asia. He is a well-known lecturer in his subject matter expertise and had also served as a member of the Technical Committee in the Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings Singapore.

    From 2015 to 2017, he was assigned to Hitachi Headquarters in Tokyo as General Manager of Management Planning Office – Strategy Planning Division. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for commercializing Hitachi’s Social Innovation Businesses in Asia Pacific. Mr Mui is also actively involved in Hitachi’s strategy development for Smart City Digital EcoSystem.